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#1370750 by ken-admin
Mon May 08, 2017 7:22 pm

Hi to all,

This post discusses how to write a REAL review of SBI!. We really need each and every SBIer with a great story, everyone for whom SBI! matters, to write a review about Solo Build It!.

Why? To fight the FAKE reviews of Wealthy Affiliate ("WA"). WA affiliates' fake revies seriously choke our growth by misleading folks who search for SBI! reviews into buying WA, which cuts their chances of success by 97% (see study below)!

Ultimately, they'll cut the resources we pour into making SBI! ever more effective. In short, YOUR reviews make SBI! better, which in turn makes you more effective. (And, of course, it helps would-be solopreneurs find the ONLY place where success happens!)

So... TOGETHER, we fight FAKE with REAL.

[Note from Help Elf: I posted a "cheat sheet" (tighter-version of this past. You'll find it in this PDF...

http://sbitips.sitesell.com/SBIReviewsCheatSheet.pdf ]

Here's the TLDR version of Ken's 10-Episode series of posts. The TLDR summarizes the entire Wealthy Affiliate fake-review series.

If you want the entire 10-Episode story, start here, at the "Pilot Episode" - "Wealthy Affiliate Vs. SBI! Success Comparison Study - Our Only Way To Counter Fake Reviews."

The Grand Finale (Episode 10) is a blockbuster! In true Grand Finale tradition, it ends in an extended Episode - 7 Parts!

We suggest you read the final 3 parts, for the surprise destination of where SBI! is heading...

Episode 10, Part 5: It Takes a Village

Episode 10, Part 6: Out of Crisis... Opportunity

Episode 10, Part 7: Shrug!

Submit, Ask, Discuss, Review

THIS post not only explains the key points of a REAL review, please use the thread to submit the URLs of your SBI! reviews/experiences. Discuss. Ask questions.

Want a review of your review? Just ask. Everything about REAL reviews happens HERE.

As examples and inspiration, here are a few SiteSeller favorites (yes, we read them all :-) )...

[Domain Private]

[Domain Private]

http://www.family-getaways-melbourne.co ... eview.html


[Domain Private]

Will This Work?

Can we defeat the FAKES? Check out this post - it shows you how it's already starting to work...


We need at least 500 REAL reviews, ideally 1,000 to flush the bait-and-switch FAKE ones out of the SERPs. It also creates a strong resource for us to use in our marketing. So..

Don't think that YOU don't count. You very definitely do. If you have a great story to tell about SBI!, tell your story (how you use it, how it impacted your life, etc.).

And now, in regular SBI! tradition, we include the "how-to" info that you need to create winning content...


Summary of How to Write a REAL Review by REAL SBIers

If SBI! has made a substantial difference to your life, helped you take back some measure of freedom, please tell that story. Let the person who reads it in on the best-kept secret online.

"Keep it real" is as important here as anywhere. For example, don't make a big deal about being "Genuine" before you talk about Fake Reviews. Don't talk about "proving it" until you've talked about all the fake reviews about an inferior product with no proof of success.

As for any page, stay in your reader's mind. They don't know "fake" from "jake." It's a non-issue when they arrive. Explain they are actually paid affiliates for WA engaging in fake reviews to fool them.

You may start out by explaining how upset you are that there are so many fake reviews for a product that you love for what it has done for you. Explain they write some pretend review just to pull them in. Them, after some content about SBI!, they send you to "a company called Wealthy Affiliate" or to their review.

Or you can conclude with that.

Either way, until you set that scene, don't say that YOU are genuine. It's out of context. Don't talk about proving anything until you've set the stage that their success has zero proof. Then link folks to our proof pages and finally...

To THE STUDY. :-)Image
It's incredibly ironic that we have to review how to make a REAL review, well, "REAL." It's because YOU are in a debating/replying mindset.

How could "debate" or "reply" not be when we're combatting so many fake reviews, right? But remember, the visitor knows nothing of this.

Their training has been extensive. So THEY spin fake reviews with the ease of a spinning wheel, with reviews that FEEL real.

Showing REAL how to feel REAL, well, it feels kind of unreal to me...

If that's not Irony, I'd like to meet her. ;-)

Keep it real, stay in your VISITOR's mindset (not yours), and it will all BE REAL without having to claim to be so. "Genuine" shines between the lines, no need to say it outright.


OK, here's the how-to, You already know most of this from SBI!, so for those in a hurry, I've added "***" to the spots that offer advice that is specific to THIS particular circumstance...

1) Choose a Specific Keyword that is some permutation of "review" or "reviews" together with "SBI!" or "Solo Build It! or even "Site Build It!" (ex., "Site Build It! review," "SBI! reviews," "review of Solo Build It!," and so on).

*** Suggested list to choose from as your Specific Keyword

Solo Build It! Review
Solo Build It! Reviews
Site Build It! Review
Site Build It! Reviews
SBI! Review
SBI! Review(s)

UPDATE May 26, 2017: We doing well on the first two, need more of the last 4...

NOTE: The "Site Build It!" variant(s) is a hard call. There probably won't be many new pages written for it, so you may rank for it vs the old pages that may have been there for years. On the other hand, fewer people will search for it over time. It's a hard decision - a weird situation. It could be worth experimenting with it. If you don't rank for "Site Build It! Review(s)" within a couple of months, it's easy enough to just search-and-replace to "SBI! Review(s)" or "Solo Build It! Review(s)," delete the old page and 301 to the new one.

2) Title and Meta Description should contain the Specific Keyword, reflect the passion AND get the click. Here are some example Title tags...

"My Review of SBI! and How It Changed My Life"

"A Solo Build It! Review of How I Built My Business"

(Don't copy these - make your own. :-) )

***3) Create a 1-2 paragraph lead-in from your "About Me" page to your dedicated SBI! review page. (It's important that the page be reachable, like every other page.)

Multiple SBI! Sites? If you have more than 1 SBI! site, do NOT create a new review for each site. Instead... add your review to your strongest site and create "lead-ins" on your About Me page(s) on your other site(s) that link to the actual review. Putting it on your highest-authority site gives it the best chance to rank highly (inbound links from other sites helping it further).

ADDENDUM (OPTIONAL): The above suggestion is made to save you time. Also, the links may help move the review up in search results. That said... Some SBIers have asked why they can't write a review for each of their sites. If they are unrelated and if it feels somehow odd to link over to reviews on unrelated sites, there's nothing wrong with writing a separate review, worded differenty to avoid duplicate content

4) Your story should be free-form, told in your own voice, in your usual way. Write about you, SBI!, your niche, and your business. Why does it matter to you? How has it impacted you? Your family?

***5) Blend your Specific Keyword and other variations of the keyword you choose into the body of your text. There's little or no difference (in Google's eyes) between "Solo Build It! review" and "review of Solo Build It," so use them as best fits the syntax of a sentence.

You could also use any others from the list above (that fit the context). For example, let's assume that your Specific Keyword is "Solo Build It! Review" -> it should be the main keyword used in the body, of course. But you could also blend in...

- Solo Build It! Reviews (e.g., "You'll see other Solo Build It! Reviews. Watch for the ones written by real owners of SBI!. We're the people who are not writing about "making money online" or "affiliate marketing" and so forth. We're the ones with real businesses about niches that excite us (e.g.., "Anguilla," in my case).

- Site Build It! Review (e.g., "Formerly known as "Site Build It!," they rebranded to "SOLO Build It!" to reflect their focus on solopreneurs and to indicate that building a business is much more than just putting up a site."

Got othe idea? :-)

Gerhild illusrates the importance of that here...


***6) Vaccinate! This is important. See "VACCINATE AGAINST WA" below.

To vaccinate folks against fake SBI! reviews, link to the first of our 3 blog posts about this...


Aside from reference to fake reviews and WA, there's no need to "defend." Don't de-bait. Don't get dragged into the muck. Vaccinating is important, but aside from that, it's YOUR story - tell it with the pride and gusto that you feel.

Again, see "VACCINATE" section below.

7) Best way to get ranked (no surprise): If you write a tremendous page, one that visitors are staying on for a long time, you increase your personal chances.

***8) IMPORTANT: Let us know that you've posted your review. Either post it in this thread, with the URL. Or contact Support...


Send in the URL of your review. They'll send it on to me and the team, where we'll build an inventory and figure out how to leverage that.

***9) Affiliate notice: If you use affiliate links, add an Affiliate notice (see Part 5) and "nofollow" the link.

***10) Important URLs to send readers to...

  • http://www.sitesell.com (essential as a strong start - it's our home page)
  • http://buildit.sitesell.com (gets deeper into Solo Build It!)
  • http://proof.sitesell.com (links to the various types of proof)
  • http://case-studies.sitesell.com (these are about longevity - important to support this page)
  • http://results.sitesell.com (500 high-traffic, wide variety of niches)
  • http://www.sitesell.com/blog/real-life-success-lessons/ (Current stories - if using affiliate links, use universal RR URL for this one - see Affiliate Club)
  • http://ctpm.sitesell.com (the core process and why SBI! works)
  • http://videotour.sitesell.com (Video Tour)
  • http://tools.sitesell.com (tools that come with SBI!)
  • http://ag.sitesell.com (Action Guide)
  • http://www.sitesell.com/sbiforwp/ (SBI! for WP) -- important since many prefer WP.

Use these links as a guideline of info about SBI! itself. Use them to explain a bit about what SBI! does, how it does it, what's in it, etc. It only takes ONE link to get folks back to our site! No need to use them all. Think of the above links as a palette -- choose those you find most useful to to paint your masterpiece. :-)

Also, here are the 3 parts of The Study...

Part 1: Background, summary, peek at results... http://www.sitesell.com/blog/2017/05/we ... eview.html

Part 2: Debunk vs De-bait, Methodology, why traffic?
http://www.sitesell.com/blog/2017/05/we ... art-2.html

Part 3: Complete results and and discussion.. http://www.sitesell.com/blog/2017/05/we ... art-3.html

The FIRST link is THE most important link (we want it to rank for, well - you can guess! ;-) ). And on that note, I also include important help about VACCINATING (below).

11) Final step: Include Facebook or Disqus comments (whichever you prefer using). Viral spread through conversations, hopefully even a little controversy, is a good thing. If you need help answering a question, ask here in the Forums. And if you are still stuck, ask Support to forward the question and URL of your review to the Marketing group.


And that's it! The future of everyday solopreneurship is in our hands. If SBIers can reach 500 posts, ideally 1,000, we can take this the rest of the way!

Now it's OUR turn! Together, we'll not only beat WA back, we'll start the trip to a closed community of 50,000 SBIers!💪

All the best,


Add a "Vaccination Note" at the end. Here's a sample of what you could add to "vaccinate" the reader against fake reviews. But please write it your own way...

If you search for reviews of <<WHATEVER SBI! NAME YOU CHOSE>>, you'll find fake reviews by people who are paid to make reviews to send you to a proven inferior product. SBI! did a head-to-head study to test those claims. In the name of total transparency, they show you how to do the exact same study and check it for yourself.

The study included every site from both products. On average, SBI! placed 3,300% (that's 33X) more sites into the top bracket. The other product only "beat" SBI! in failure (and by a large margin). Click here for that study [the link will be provided when we put The Study up].

Here is the 1st of the 3 posts that review Wealthy Affiliate success rates vs SBI!. The full set of results appear here, in the 3rd and final post.

Those fake reviews have all kinds of ways of "fake-reviewing SBI!," but they never, ever compare success because SBI! has always provided tons of verifiable proof on their site. And they can't... they would if they could, obviously.

The Study, though, is the ultimate, head-to-head proof. It's the first time anyone has done a head-to-head contest between 2 products. But it's important to "out" the fakes...

Fake reviews are a big problem online. They mislead consumers, just to make money. For more info, do a Google search for "fake reviews." It's so bad that consumer protection groups and government may have to step in.

Actually, one of the reasons that I wrote this page was not only to share my story with you, just in case you ever think about starting an online business. When I heard about all the fake reviews tearing down a product that I love, I wrote this page in support.

And it upset me even more to think that others could be misled into a product where you have 1/33rd the chance of significant success and where the ethics of the operation are, in my opinion, questionable. Who hurts other people's dream, just to make a buck? That's not they type of people that I want to trust.

I built THIS site into a business with <<WHATEVER SBI! KEYWORD YOU CHOSE>>. The Study shows how I would likely have failed without SBI! - its competitor had only 53 sites in the top category, less than 1/10th of SBI!'s results (even though the other company has 70% more sites!).

<<SBI! NAME YOU CHOSE>> takeS care of everything, which clears the way for me to focus on what I really know and love, <<YOUR NICHE>>.

That "VACCINATION" will make folks immune to the WA fake reviews. Change the language to yours, modify it as you like. It's just important to link to the Study with a brief summary (in case they don't click through).


Aside from the VACCINATION, just write it like you do any other story. Your knowledge and passion will tell the story between the lines.
#1370684 by Claude from hamradiosecrets.com
Mon May 08, 2017 11:54 pm
I have just now put my updated review of Solo Build It! online.
Have informed support.

Now I'm out to lunch ... uh! ... That didn't sound right :lol:

I mean going to have supper. All this has made me want to bite ... into something with lots of flavor ... with a bit of red wine!

Why not :D

#1370743 by ken-admin
Tue May 09, 2017 6:34 pm

Hi to all,

Wow, I really needed a good nite's sleep. Woke up super-late, 10AM - really needed to decompress - binge-watched Billions 'til 5AM to wind down after yesterday's marathon.

I wish my "Episodes" were as compelling as Billions - that "just one more episode" will keep you up 'til the birds start chirping.🐧 🐔 🐤

So it's a late start to the day, but a little R&R is good for the neurons, especially for oldsters like Vivi, Claude and me. Well, me anyways. :-)

I'll be in radio-silence for a couple of days until my final review of "The Study" is done. Once I sign off on it, it's a day or two to production, so we're looking at Friday or Monday.

I just wanted to answer the first replies, though, before going into the isolation chamber again. ;-)


THANKS very much to those who have ALREADY written their reviews. And speaking of radio silence, here's one who's not...

Claude, I'm wishing I had the time for some long walks like you. There are too many nice beaches going to waste lately!

Solid review - I liked the "My Special "Elmer" headline - I call those curiosity headlines. Lots of headlines transparently TRY to AROUSE curiosity (which raises resistance to being manipulated by many readers). But something offbeat like that can be very effective.

I saw later how it ties into your review (didn't know it was a ham radio term). So it works on both levels of readers...

1) your ham radio audience (who generally won't be interested)

2) your search audience (who won't really care about your niche), who'll be more targeted. But it's not likely that you'll rank, as I explained above.

I'll offer some constructive feedback so that all can learn. Here's the page...

http://www.hamradiosecrets.com/review-o ... ld-it.html


This sentence...

Here is my review of Solo Build It! I supply irrefutable proof of SBI!'s empowering capabilities at the end if this article.

Remember - "Keep it real."

YOU know why you are writing this piece, but your reader doesn't, not yet. So the reader, at this stage, is wondering, "what's he got to prove? Why?"

It will feel like you're trying to sell people before they understand that you're upset about WA's fake reviews claiming to be better. I suggest either adding a note about your motivation ("upset about all the fake reviews) with that line. Or move this lower, where it fits in with the reader's understanding, once you've noted your reasons for writing.


In this section of examples..

What do you have to sell?

Paperback cover of a book sold by solopreneur VE2DPE.
Do you manufacture parts that ham radio operators might need?

I would NOT lead all those examples into their need of SBI!, rather lead them to YOU.

Something like...

That's why I built this site - to provide to people like you with excellent info. This site monetizes through Google ads and selling ebooks. Also, if you would like to advertise or sponsor this site, please reach me through my Contact Page. (Claude, add any services or other possible monetization options)

If, on the other hand, your hobby is elderfitness or if you do custom consulting in Fortran, SBI! can help put YOU on the map in that niche. Once you have traffic, you can monetize simply (ex. ads) or through higher-paying methods such as selling ebooks or consulting services.

You don't need to have a product already. If you have a passion, you can turn it into part- or full-time business. Here is the theory about how ti work (link to ctpm.sitesell.com).

Something like that - it's just really a fast stab to give you the idea of widening out the idea while also perhaps bring you an interesting client for a higher-paying model. Folks aren't too imaginative when reading online, so open horizons for them. :-)

NOTE the choice of Fortran as the programming example. I don't know if "elderfitness" is a real thing or not, but the point is to use examples that your demographic would resonate with. :-)


When you do get to ""B" company, I think that's the time to explore the issue of proof. And that's what you do...

In contrast, I can and do offer (below) irrefutable proof that SBI! is the best solution for solopreneurs. "B" company has not, because they cannot.

Bingo! It makes sense now.


A side point, a pet peeve even though I do it, too, although try to chop them in edits...

I would like you to be aware that there is a study out there...

Remember MYCPS? Activate your language. So...

Solo Build It! published a head-to-head study that...

Funny thing about activating language. You don't notice just one sentence. But when you make it a habit, the whole thing becomes punchier, more readable and engaging.


"Affiliate or not" issue...

This sentence is confusing...

Therefore, I ask you to NOT click on the Solo Build It! link at the bottom of this page.

You go on to qualify it. But just keep it easy. Let them know

I earn a commission but did not write this for that reason. I became upset about the number of fake reviews about a product that I love and is the best at what it does. I wanted to let you here from a real person who uses and loves it.

The proof is in the pudding (insist on proof from any company making claims). This is the ultimate head-to-head proof (link to study), but Solo Build It! provides so many kinds of proof beyond that (link to proof.sitesell.com).


Final tip: Use more links. I've added a tenth point to the P.S. here...


It lists the important links to work with.

I hope that was helpful, Claude.


If we read other people's reviews, we'll get ideas for other improvements (NO page is ever permanently "done" - well, maybe "ham radio" ;-) ).

Once again - we can all get better together.

Thanks very much, Claude - a solid review! Thanks, too, for the constant encourageent (never been compared to a nuclear sub? ;-) ).

All the best

P.S. I'll answer other replies in a new post to keep the length of each post down. :-)
#1370744 by Claude from hamradiosecrets.com
Tue May 09, 2017 6:55 pm
Thank you so much Ken.

I'm really glad you have been able to get some rest. It gave you the extra energy to give us all a few important aspects to look out for and improve in our review page.

I'm especially glad that my page supplied a few good examples of things that needed improvement. I shall go there now and incorporate your suggestions in the text.

I am still not accustomed to the forums being public now. Thanks for reminding me that I should link back to it for additional info. I will use the link you suggested for now. I might change it to point to the TLDR when it's up.

Signing off for now to work the mods in.

#1370753 by ken-admin
Tue May 09, 2017 8:09 pm

Hi Ian,

Really good review....


Like Claude, there's one item I want to address first. Although "smaller" than Claude's, it's similar in nature. Two's a pattern, so I have addressed it in the Summary Thread...


Here is what I told Claude...

"Keep it real."

YOU know why you are writing this piece, but your reader doesn't, not yet. So the reader, at this stage, is wondering, "what's he got to prove? Why?"

Referring to yourself as "genuine" only causes doubt in the reader's mind. It's what they expect (a genuine review), which is why the WA affiliates get away with fake reviews.

See my discussion near the top of the new Summary "How To" Thread...


And yes, there's a huge irony here.

I talk about it briefly over there.

OK, back to the review...


Starts strong by mentioning how long you've been using it. Few solopreneurs last more than a few years (and that's even after the major cull in the first months to a year).

You use the assets that are inherent to your niche, intuitiveness, which is strong.

* Needs some headlines to break up the text and make some key points.

Tells a terrific story - bought it, had doubts, overwhelmed, refund.

You show determination without saying "I was determined." Nicely done.

Brings in freedom and lifestyle. And you know that I'm going to LOVE this line..

It is so much fun living local and working worldwide.

And this...

SBI! It is not a website-builder It's a web business-builder.

And the link to Genuine Proof (proof.sitesell.com)

You added info on failures with WordPress. Failing elsewhere is typical of SBIers. We don't seem to be first choice very often, but we're the last and we stick. :-)

And then the note on WA's Fake Reviews. That section hits all the high notes.

You don't use affiliate links, which is a strong point.

Bottom line: It's real, it's strong, and when we add the link to The Study, it's going to be near perfect.

NOTE: I've added some key links to SiteSell.com's important landing pages, it could probably do with a "More Info" section at the end.

But aside from "Genuine" at the start and perhaps a "More Info" section, this is darn good.


Ian, thanks very much for a superb effort!

All the best,

P.S. Folks, please let me know if this is helpful for more than just the person who I write for. Are YOU getting anything out of these? Should I/we continue?
#1370760 by Claude from hamradiosecrets.com
Tue May 09, 2017 9:35 pm
Ok. Ref: https://forums.sitesell.com/viewtopic.php?p=1370743#p1370743

I've incorporated (my version/interpretation) of your suggestions/recommendations in my text.

I'll rest on it for now and read it back tomorrow. I'll see if I can improve it even more.

Thanks for the guidance.

P.S. I've also posted on Twitter (it's automated when I add a page to my RSS feed) - and I've posted a short blurb on Facebook too.
#1370969 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Sat May 13, 2017 12:58 am
Hi Ken,

Working on it - It's on it's way soon :!:

IMG_4778 (1).jpg
Solo Build It Review - It's coming
IMG_4778 (1).jpg (110.98 KiB) Viewed 5950 times

Thanks to Maria/Andrew, Claude and Ian with some ideas :D

#1370981 by Ian from psychic-junkie.com
Sat May 13, 2017 4:35 am
ken-admin wrote:Hi Ian,

Really good review....


Ian, thanks very much for a superb effort!

All the best,

Thanks for the review of review :D I have gone through your points and made changes accordingly. Hope I've got all covered.

And RE:
Anyone else with thoughts about "50,000?"

I think that would be awesome. When full it would make our account with SBI worth a Million Bucks (or more). :shock:
#1370983 by Natalie (SBI for WP user from Vincentia)
Sat May 13, 2017 5:14 am
Hi, sorry to be a pain if the answer to my question is within this or another post but I'm having trouble with info overload wrt the WA saga.

Anyways here goes: With my SBI review, do I post it here (for admin to copy and paste elsewhere) or am I putting it on my blog (which is not ((yet!)) getting traffic)?

Tia! 🙏❤️🙏❤️
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