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#1372373 by Cath, SiteSell Content Team
Mon May 29, 2017 10:44 am
Wow - I love your review, Paul - and also your "About" page. One of the pics (the first one, of "cocktail swords") instantly brought back memories for me from longer ago than I care to remember, when I lived in Spain and visited Toledo fairly regularly. It was a beautiful city and I also remember being fascinated by their sword-making industry.

Whilst you could buy the real thing in many shops, I decided to stick with exactly that little set of cocktail swords. I have no idea what happened to it, but it's set me reminiscing. So thank you.

Claude - I did the same, just changed some of the "Solo Build It!" reference to "Site Build It!" and "SBI!" and hope that Google does the rest!

I'm loving this "tour" of SBIers' stories. So many fascinating journeys. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

#1372417 by Don from Tsiigehtchic
Mon May 29, 2017 8:32 pm
Hi all,

Well, I published my review page and linked to it from my updated About Me page. I'd been meaning to write a page to save me from answering those how-to-start-a-recipe-site questions for ages, and I decided to try incorporating the how-to and review in one. I'll likely tweak it a bit, but at least something's up. Here's the link:

[Domain Private]

I also sent the notice to Support.

#1372427 by Harvey from Woodbridge
Mon May 29, 2017 9:08 pm
I'm enjoying reading all these reviews. Just posting this as a pledge...

My review will be ready for primetime soon(-ish).

I'm neck-deep on the final edit of my first Kindle book, which is over 100K words. Once I've scraped my eyeballs off my iMac and popped them back in my head, the review is next on the list. :roll:

All the best,
#1372438 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Mon May 29, 2017 11:30 pm
Hi Paul,

Just a little observation, if your visitors are reading your review on a mobile device, this sentence will need to be changed.
It was at about the age of 5 I discovered a tiny set of miniature cocktail swords at my Uncles house like those pictured to the right, and while I was scolded that they were not toys,

Mobile mode view of page
sword-site-image-02.jpg (108.45 KiB) Viewed 1190 times

On my Samsung Galaxy S4, the picture actually sits above all the text

Makes for a really interesting read. The thing I love about reading all these Reviews, is that everyone is different but 'the passion' shows through.

Well done, Paul. I've pinned you to my Pinterest SBI! Review Board https://au.pinterest.com/travelmelbourne/sbi-reviews/

and Harvey,

What a mammoth page that was :!: You had me at
...and to reveal my Website Secret...

Such full on detail with unquestionable graphics. I loved the full read, left a comment and pinned you to my SBI! Review board.

BTW, guys I'm sharing your sites through my Social Media Platforms as well :-)

Ken, you have some amazing people out there on the internet. Their stories are amazing.

#1372443 by ken-admin
Tue May 30, 2017 12:31 am

Hi to all,

Thank you to all of those who are submitting reviews. I always feel "off" somehow for thanking you for your reviews. Don't take that the wrong way - I don't want to sound ungrateful when I say that, because I'm not.

It's just that this is not about me. It's not about SiteSell. Heck, in the biggest sense, it's not even about SBI!.

It's about solopreneurship. It's about "the future you!" (Imagine if you had beens snagged by one of those fake reviews when you were first starting out?)

This tweet adds a video exclamation mark to The Study...


"Take that for data." Indeed....

33X! Think about that. For every one of their customers, there are 33 SBIers in the Top 1,000,000?

10X more likely to be in the Medium division?

87% of their sites end up in the worst level of failure ("Invisible")??

The Dark Side of the Affiliate Model

Any WA affiliate who keeps their recommendation of WA over SBI! up, despite knowing this difference (and by now, they do - we inform them directly)...

    values money above soul.

    directly hurts someone just like YOU.

    keeps the dark WA secret going.

Light It Up

We all owe a huge thanks to those who have posted REAL SBI! reviews...


Each shines a light. Each amplifies the light cast by The Study.

Some will rank. Others will play a role as we get into the hundreds (trust me on that, please - it doesn't stop here).

Until something better than SBI! comes along, writing these reviews is about saving, growing and improving solopreneurship for EVERYONE. That means both existing SBIers AND those solopreneurs who search for "SBI! review(s)" or "Site Build It! review(s)" (those 2 versions until we make a dent in the SERPs).

It's about shining a light where darkness seems to be the order of the night. One example...

Yuki told me earlier today that 2 more threads about the SBI! study have been deleted from WA's forums. That's 4, I believe, including the very first one (it was going too much in favor of SBI!, it would appear, for it to be allowed to stand).

That's what sparked me to write this today.

Keep It Dark. What else CAN they do?

Up to now, it had been miraculously easy to keep the WA track record secret. Darkness was easy. Now?

The only strategy that WA can impose, when a study like this shows such a striking SBI! superiority, seems obvious. Go even darker. If anyone from WA reads this, consider this...

I am open to debate openly, live, with anyone from WA about the quality of The Study and its results. Also, if they prefer to compare database to database of ACTUAL log-measured traffic, I'm open to that, too.

The only possible pro-WA arguments are inane. And that's fine as it goes - it seems to be the inane leading the inane in WA threads. But here's the thing...

The occasional insightful post survives. Even though the threads seem to go in WA's favor, they're read mostly by lurkers, who THINK about it.

That's NOT a good thing when you are in the wrong. Deleting threads removes the very existence of The Study.

THAT eliminates all discussions good or bad. So I would be surprised if all of the threads about The Study didn't eventually get deleted.

We can't do much about that over there. (We have not "planted" a single post there, nor do we intend to.)

More Darkness

We also have documentation about threatened and actual lawsuits against ex-WA users who have written negative reviews. Sites that have mysteriously changed from negative to positive.

That's ironic.

Fear leads to darkness OUTSIDE their forums, too.

But the ultimate darkness is about blotting SBI! out totally, for the very searches that matter the most. That is the "Fake SBI! Review" strategy.

It's the most insidious of all. It blackens the Net for the REVIEW keywords that "pre-SBIers" search for.

Some fake reviews are blunt trashing. But you'll also find some of the smartest ones. One, for example, repeats facts that you can get from our website (no need to have actually used SBI!, which authorities define as fake).

The only errors are of omission...

1) they never talk about SBIer success, nor our proof of success, let alone that proves WA success - let alone show one verifiable story, even?

2) based on no proof at all, they recommend WA as their #1 pick. Heck, even Weebly and Wix put up "Success Stories" ("Medium" to "Invisible"). WA puts up NONE.

But readers of those SBI! "reviews" don't know what has been left out. This type of review sounds real. Heck...

They will even give SBI! 4* out of 5, or 77/100. Very official sounding and pretty good!

But wait! Yes, they happen to have something better, their "#1 recommendation."

Hard to Believe People Would Do This

How can anyone fail to mention the proof of success? It has been up for 10+ years. The direct head-to-head results of The Study are even more overwhelming...

http://www.sitesell.com/blog/2017/05/we ... art-3.html

Was Lenin right?...

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

Who cares? It's the bottom line that matters...

A whole bunch of people seem to get fooled. And affiliates get paid. Best of all, there are no deductions for refunds...

Because there are NO refunds. Do you think that's mentioned in their WA reviews?

It's Up To All of Us to Light The Way

The Study is a brilliant beam of light. But it needs you...

Counter FAKE with REAL reviews. Let YOUR light amplify that of The Study by linking to it.

In short, SiteSellers, SBIers, future SBIers and I - we all need each other to shine a light.

The situation could not be more opposite. I tell you that there's little or no money in it 👉 THEY do it for the money.

YOU don't mislead anyone to an inferior product to make a buck 👉 THEY do.

YOU lead them to the best product, where solopreneurs can make an informed decision 👉 They misinform.

Heck, you don't even need to write a fake Wealthy Affiliate review. Can you imagine us giving you a list of 175 products, saying "go to it!"? 😂😭

YOU vaccinate folks against FAKE. THAT is when prospective SBIers' "ah-ha" light goes on, when the FAKE review works against WA.

Shine Bright
To all who've written a review... THANK YOU IN THE NAME OF EVERYONE! And to those who have yet to publish your story...

Shine now! The "how-to" is here...


You already know most of that "how-to," of course. I've added *** marks to show the only spots that are specifically related to THIS circumstance (thanks to "Florida Backroads Mike" for the simplifying idea).

Make it bright, simply by making it REAL.

It does not matter if you rank #1,475 at Google! It doesn't matter if your goals are small, if your niche is not as sexy as parasailing while luxury-cruising the globe. ;-)

It's about YOU and why SBI! makes a difference to YOU. Ultimately, as we reach into the hundreds of reviews, they'll start to add up to a mighty powerful light that says...

🔆SBI! makes a REAL difference for the individual with BAM.🔆

That's it. No cult stuff. No crippled freemiums. No leading of folks into "make money."

Folks get the best shot at success, period. What YOU got is what future SBIers deserve.


Speaking Personally

I do NOT want OUR NAME, built over 15 years, used to suck another person into a program that is likely to leave them bitter and disillusioned. That is the OPPOSITE of what we dreamt for SBI! back in 2002.

I DO want folks to follow your light to its source...


Protect the "future you." Show them the way.

All the best,

P.S. Don't worry. I won't keep asking for reviews. This is the final time. I pass the torch, hopeful.

ADDENDUM: I added a new thought about how this FAKE vs REAL is more than just a HEAD-TO-HEAD fight for SERP space. We need to make a big enough dent to start our own self-reinforcing circle, minus the scam, with SBI! results.

#1372448 by Jacki from Macleod
Tue May 30, 2017 1:51 am
ken-admin wrote:P.S. Don't worry. I won't keep asking for reviews. This is the final time. I pass the torch, hopeful.
Hey, it's best to keep reminding us - sometimes, it takes more than one pass to get the gumption up, I've just finished tweaking my existing SBI! story on one of my other sites to add to the list. :D
#1372454 by Marylyn from family-getaways-melbourne.com
Tue May 30, 2017 2:06 am
Hi Ken,

Thank you to all of those who are submitting reviews. I always feel "off" somehow for thanking you for your reviews. Don't take that the wrong way - I don't want to sound ungrateful when I say that, because I'm not.

It's just that this is not about me. It's not about SiteSell. Heck, in the biggest sense, it's not even about SBI!.

It's about solopreneurship.

You guys in the know, know what's going on out there. Me, I've written my review, in my own voice - told my story and my association with SBI! That, hopefully, is me doing my small part :roll:

There's no need to feel "off". It's totally understandable under the circumstances. You see us writing Reviews, as the best method you know of, that will eventually bring them* to their knees - That's the plan, anyway.

I hope it works for all our sakes.

I'd hate to see your, mine and everyone's hard work (by that I mean the whole Solo Build It! phenomenon) be squished out of existence.

P.S. Don't worry. I won't keep asking for reviews. This is the final time. I pass the torch, hopeful.

Hey, Mate :!: Ask away as often as you like. We're all mates on this ship, together and none of us are prepared to see Our Enterprise go down :!::x

So it's ... "Warp drive, Mr Scott!"

Engage :!:

Last edited by Debs from SiteSell on Tue May 30, 2017 3:16 pm, edited 1 time in total. Reason: *removed modified swear word from post; added "m" to "the" to make "them" instead.
#1372636 by Rachel from Sneads
Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:51 am
Harvey wrote:I'm neck-deep on the final edit of my first Kindle book, which is over 100K words. Once I've scraped my eyeballs off my iMac and popped them back in my head, the review is next on the list. :roll:

That's awesome, Harvey! Way to create a product for your site!

I'm sure your SBI review will rock too. :)
#1372842 by Melissa from Winifred
Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:39 pm
HI All,

I have been mulling this around for a while now. I love SBI. It is the single biggest reason my local business has been such a success. But a review of SBI simply does not belong on my site. It would make no sense to my visitors.

Is there another place I can share my story?

It's been a great journey...starting with an informational site that did well for me and gave me the confidence to open up my local business. In just two short years it has brought in almost half a million dollars! And there is plenty of room for continued growth. The first two years tend to be the hardest for new businesses. With SBI, it has been a breeze.

So I'm wondering - is there another way I can help?

Last edited by Debs from SiteSell on Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:56 pm, edited 1 time in total. Reason: Merged questions on reviews to main thread.
#1372846 by Mary from Mico
Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:22 pm
Hi Melissa,

I felt the similarly with my review; yet when I realized it really is an extension of my About page, I felt better reviewing what I think is a great product that has helped me. From then on I just built it as a T3.

Perhaps it could help one or more of your visitors if they wonder how you built such a nice website - and happen to wander through your About page to the review T3.

'Just an idea.

#1372848 by Help Elf from SiteSell
Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:20 pm
Hi Everyone.

Here's a "cheat sheet" to help you create your Solo Build It! review page quickly. The full, original instructions appear at...


As usual, if you have the time, read the full set of instructions (just above) for extra depth and fine-tuning.


If you remember just one thing, remember this: Keep It Real!

I. Background

i. SBI! is undergoing a “cyber-attack” from a company called “Wealthy Affiliate” (WA). WA encourages its members to write “fake reviews” about other companies, always promoting WA as their first choice but failing to provide evidence for their claims of success.

ii. A review and analysis was conducted by SiteSell, comparing WA success rates with SBI! sites. The results were conclusive: SBI! sites are 33x more likely to achieve “outstanding to excellent” levels of traffic than WA sites. The only area in which WA surpassed SBI! was in the category “invisible” – where sites get no traffic. WA has 87% of its sites in this category.

iii. The full Study is available, starting here with Part 1, where you’ll find a summary and overview of the results.

iv. The result is that would-be solopreneurs searching for a genuinely successful business-building company are being led down a WA path that is highly unlikely to bring them success, and away from SBI!, where they could expect to build a profitable online business.

v. To counteract this, Ken is asking this of you: that you publish an honest review on your own site of your journey with SBI!. A large number of such reviews will, eventually, outweigh the fake WA reviews.

This is not about selling SBI! to your site visitors. We know the majority won’t be
interested. It’s to do with getting a volume of reviews so that we rank for specific keywords in the search engines. This is about coming together in solidarity against a scammy technique that hurts people and damages SBI!'s ability to grow.

vi. We recognize that this is taking time away from your business, which is something SiteSell strives not to do. However, this is a critical issue for other would-be solopreneurs, who deserve to have the same opportunity as you. Also, we must all work together to break what is essentially a choke hold on the most important search terms that people use when seriously considering SBI!.

vii. Evidence is that, on average, a review will take about two hours to complete, depending on its length and how well you want to explain SBI! while telling your story with it.

viii. If you would like to read Ken’s main forum post about the history of this situation and why it is so important, you can find the TL:DR version here...


And if you are a real glutton for punishment or detail, Ken lays it all out, Netflix-style, starting with the "Pilot Episode," here...


We recommend the TL;DR. ;-)

II. How to Complete a Review

This forum post from Ken goes into detail about how a review can be most helpful. The following is a brief summary of the salient points.

Step 1: Choose one of these keywords:

· Site Build It! Review (or Reviews)
· SBI! Review (or Reviews)
· Solo Build It! Review (or Reviews)

Note: We are now ranking well for “Solo Build It! review(s), but need to improve for both the other two. So it would be helpful if you choose to prioritize either "Site Build It Review(s)" or "SBI! Review(s)" by using those as your Specific Keywords.

If you read this later than September, 2017, we suggest checking all three versions of the search terms. Pick the one that has the fewest SBIer reviews in the Top 10.

TIP: Search on “Solo Build It! reviews” at Google. You’ll see a big difference between the scammy “make money” affiliate reviews of WA and the REAL reviews that are ranking for SBI!. Read the real ones to get ideas. Use the acquired wisdom while writing “SBI! Review(s”) or “Site Build It! Review(s).”

Step 2: Whichever keyword you choose, use it as the file name (e.g. http://www.nameofyoursite.com/site-build-it-review.html)

Step 3: Use the keyword as you would for any other page…

· Create a compelling page title with your keyword, one that will “get the click.”
· Create a description that also works to "get the click."
· As for any content page, sprinkle a mix of all those keywords, and any “synonyms” (e.g., SBI!, Site/Solo Build It!, SiteSell, Ken Evoy) throughout your content. As always, keyword variations (synonyms) reinforce the Specific Keyword rankings and sometimes "fluke" you into other nice search results.

Step 4: Tell your own story in your own words. You might consider including:

· How you found SBI!.
· How long you have been using it.
· Why you like / love it.
· What difference it has made to your / your family’s life.
· Why you would you recommend it to other people.

Notes: There are two important points to remember here:

1. Have your site visitor in your mind’s eye as you write: tell her your story!
2. Keep it real!

Writing a compelling story of your journey with SBI! is what will keep your visitors on your page and will eventually rank well in the search engines.

SBIers who have already completed their review have commented that they enjoyed the experience of reviewing their progress from when they started with SBI! to where they are now.

Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it yours.

Step 5: Include some links.

This is a list of the main pages to link to. Do not attempt to link to them all! Weave them into your story. Link where it comes naturally to describe something of what SBI! offers:

· http://www.sitesell.com (our home page)
· http://buildit.sitesell.com (more detailed info about Solo Build It!)
· http://proof.sitesell.com (links to the various types of proof)
· http://case-studies.sitesell.com (case studies for different niche areas)
· http://results.sitesell.com (our top 500 sites highlighting different niches)
· http://www.sitesell.com/blog/real-life-success-lessons/ (real success stories)
· http://ctpm.sitesell.com (info about C>T>P>M)
· http://videotour.sitesell.com (a video tour of SBI!)
· http://tools.sitesell.com (all the tools that come with SBI!)
· http://ag.sitesell.com (description of the Action Guide)
· http://www.sitesell.com.sbiforwp/ (SBI! for WP users)

Step 6: “Vaccinate” your readers against fake reviews.

Notes: What does this mean? It means making sure your readers understand that they must beware of FAKE reviews of SBI!.

These reviews are written by people who are paid to sell another product, called "Wealthy Affiliate." Emphasize that this review of a Wealthy Affiliate study explains things in more details and shows how much SBI! users do.

To help them understand the difference between FAKE and REAL, send folks to this selection of SBI! reviews, too. They'll "get it" pretty fast - more REAL people building businesses in REAL niches.

This is also a good place to announce or reinforce that you are NOT an affiliate and are not paid a penny to write this review. That statement (only use it if true, of course) is a powerful counterpoint to WA’s “driven by money” reviews.

This step is particularly important. Your review provides good guidance. But this section prevents people from being fooled by fake reviews!

Step 7: Enable social media sharing.

· Add Facebook commenting at the bottom of your review wherever possible so that others can leave a comment.
· Add a Pinterest-optimized image. Not sure what image you could use? Try a motivational quote!

Step 8: for SiteSell Affiliates only.

If you use affiliate links, please disclose them in the review. Add an Affiliate notice and "nofollow" the link. If you do NOT use affiliate links, no notice is necessary and use regular links.

Step 9: Create a 1-2 paragraph “lead-in” from your "About Me” page, with a link to your review.

It's important that the page be reachable, like every other TIER 3 page. The lead-in content should be just be part of your "About" story. Folks who are not looking to start a business will simply continue to read your About Me page.

A few may be curious to click the link to your SBI! review. Include your Specific Keyword in the text of the link so folks know that they'll be reading all about the product you use to create a business they admire.

NOTE: If you have more than one SBI! site, do not write a separate review for each. Place your review on the strongest site and provide a link from your “About Me” pages of your other sites to your review on your most important site.

Multiple SBI! Sites? If you have more than 1 SBI! site, do NOT create a new review for each site. Instead... add your review to your strongest site and create "lead-ins" on your About Me page(s) on your other site(s) that link to the actual review. Putting it on your highest-authority site gives it the best chance to rank highly (inbound links from other sites helping it further).

Step 10: Put a link to your review page in these places:

· From a paragraph in your own “About” page.
· In this thread if you want to show it to all.
· In the Affiliate University forum if would like a review or help with writing.
· In an email to Support.

We feature some reviews on this SBI! review page.

Step 11: Not sure whether an SBI! review “fits” your site?

Some SBIers worried that an SBI! review would not be of interest to their visitors. They are, though, interested in YOU.

That is why Step 9 suggests the lead-in paragraph or 2. SBI! is relevant there because it’s very much a part of you and your business story. Then, by adding “for those interested” and followed by referencing a link to a review of SBI!, you have a natural transition.

As mentioned, you won’t make much money with this review. It’s not about selling to your visitors. It’s about countering FAKE with REAL.
#1372852 by Mary from Mico
Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:29 pm

Thank you HE!

I love the list in Step 4. I may review my review. :-)

Step 4: Tell your own story in your own words, for example...
• How did you find SBI!?
• How long have you been using it?
• Why do you like / love it?
• What difference has it made to your / your family’s life?
• Why would you recommend it to other people?
• Remember: keep it real!

Very helpful Help Elf.

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