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#788140 by Teri from Wacissa
Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:32 am
Is there some reason why no one answers the question as to how to set up your SBI! webmail with Thunderbird? I've done searches here at the forums and most people don't get a reply or if they do get the reply, it isn't a usable answer. This is over a few years, too! Crazy!

Why can't the answer (part of which seems to be in the 'SBI! Email Is Ready' email) be posted here?

It just seems odd that a person comes here for an answer, when a half answer is found you have to find an ancient email or go to support to wait till they can resend it.

So is there a rule I'm missing as to why the answer can't be placed here? Or is there an answer (a complete one that doesn't refer to the email) that I am just not using the correct search term for? (terms: thunderbird, email)

If there is no rule, and no one has posted the answer someplace else, I'd like to post it when I finally figure it out.


#799359 by Daniel from Seibersdorf
Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:08 pm
Hi Teri,

you lost me...if I understand you correctly, you are searching for ways to set up ThunderBird with sbi webmail...

perhaps (for sure) most people don't use TB

I just changed from Outlook to TB

how can I help? or are you already fine?

#799832 by Teri from Wacissa
Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:23 pm
Thanks for replying Daniel.

Every post I could find was so vague that there was really no discernible full answer as to how to use Thunderbird to send and receive SBI email. However I shouldn't have posted when I was so frustrated. :oops:

If you have any tips/helps I'd be quite happy to receive them!

Here's the portion of the SBI email everyone receives which should help others:

Using Your Own E-mail Software

If you choose to get and send your e-mail by WebMail, skip
the rest of this e-mail. Everything below this sentence is
for you ONLY if you want to get and send e-mail using your
own software (ex., Outlook, Eudora). If you do, verify that
your ISP won't give you the following problem...

Some ISPs won't allow you to use an e-mail address that is
not based upon THEIR domain (ex., "@aol.com"). That is a
problem for you because it is not professional to send from
e-mail addresses that are not based upon YOUR business
domain. If you do not want to use Web-based mail (SBI!'s
"WebMail") to get around this, here are your choices...

1) Some ISPs charge for the "privilege" of using your own
domain-based addresses. The charge is not usually much.

2) Redirect all mail to POBOX.com and use their excellent,
low-cost services. Use the "Redirect ALL E-mail" function
in SVBI! to do this. See online help for SVBI!.

3) Use MX It!. This option is best reserved until you have
built a few pages. Why? You will most likely use Google to
do this and Google will request you to upload a verification
Web page. Simple enough for you to do in a couple of weeks!

As a matter of fact, you may want to hold off for a few
weeks on setting up your e-mail. No one knows about your
site YET, in any event. And some SBIers decide they prefer
to use Google Apps to get and send e-mail. You can reach MX
It! via the BusinessCenter in Site Central. More info at...


RECEIVING e-mail is a totally different process than SENDING
it. You automatically use SiteSell's servers to RECEIVE
mail. THAT is where the mail goes until you ask for it.

But you'll use your current ISP (dialup, cable, AOL, etc.)
to SEND e-mail by your own software. So any problems you
have with OUTGOING e-mail cannot be due to SBI!. Please
contact your ISP's support staff for problems SENDING mail.

Here's how to configure your e-mail software so that you can
RECEIVE and SEND e-mail using your SBI! e-mail addresses at
[Domain Private]...

First, use WebMail to create as many E-mail Accounts as you
need for your business. Also, use Spam 'n Virus Blast It!
to create your spam-and-virus blasting fortress! Even if
you use your own e-mail software and ISP to get and send
mail, still use the SBI! WebMail and SVBI! software for this.

If you ever fail to receive an e-mail that
you are expecting, it will be for one of two
reasons. It was either mailed TO an E-mail
Account that does not exist, or FROM an
address that is not on your Whitelist. It's
easy to adjust this with SBI! Mail.

Once you have created your E-mail Accounts...

For the e-mail software Enter the information
headings in the column below in this column...

E-mail address: Any_Address@"your SBI Domain".com
(E-mail Account you created)

SMTP Server Use the smtp server assigned
(for SENDING e-mail) to you by your ISP. This will
have an address like
smtp.YOUR_ISP.com -- it is
already in your software.

(for RECEIVING e-mail)
SBI! MAIL Information...
POP or POP3 or POP Server: pop."your SBI Domain".com
SBI! MAIL Username: your username@"your SBI Domain"com
SBI! MAIL Password: **Yours is in your email

These last three headings are for RECEIVING e-mail. Enter
this SBI! MAIL Information into the appropriate areas where
your software asks for it. Please note that your SBI! MAIL
Username & Password are CASE-SENSITIVE. So please enter
EXACTLY as shown above (be sure CAPS LOCK key is not "on").

IMPORTANT!!! Please save this e-mail for future reference.
You may need your SBI! MAIL username and password again.
We do not store your password on our server for security
reasons (don't want anyone hacking into your mail). So
we'll have a real problem if you lose that password.

OK... back to using your own e-mail software and ISP...

If you have any difficulty receiving or sending e-mail from
your E-mail Account through your own e-mail software, please
check with the support staff of the maker of that software.
If they can't help and if your E-mail Accounts and Whitelist
are set correctly, and if you are sure this is not an ISP
issue, please contact us via the Support Form...


We'll figure it out with you.

As Ken explains in his "Site Build It! is Ready for You!"
e-mail, you won't be able to see your Web site until 48
hours after modifying the Tech Contact info and the
Nameserver Information. The SAME goes for your e-mail...

Do not worry if you CANNOT get your e-mail and if you CANNOT
see your Web site. When your domain "goes live," you should
be able to get your e-mail at your E-mail Accounts.

That's it! WebMail and Spam 'n Virus Blast It! set a new
level in reliability, security, protection, and flexibility.
No more spam. Bye-bye viruses.

Do nothing but business. THAT is the SBI! mission.

Wishing you best of luck in your business-building efforts,
SiteSell Support Team

P.S. If you have not yet seen the video demo of WebMail and
SVBI!, take 25 minutes and do it now...


P.P.S. One final detail regarding domain management... if
you ever need to modify your domain registration info (ex.,
change your contact e-mail address), go to the following URL
and login using the following username and password...

#800070 by Daniel from Seibersdorf
Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:01 pm
HI Teri,

EDIT: actually in trying to redo it to tell you how I messed it up myself :) so am in progress myself right now...so, now I think I got it

I am still myself in the process of understanding this completely and have a season's account with support for the SMTP (sending mail) part...

So I for sure can help you right now with the receiving part... hope I do not over- or 'under'explain stuff, do not know how experienced you are

I assume that you already set up at least on email account in webmail you can send and receive mail with...

say : Teri(at)[Domain Private] (you have to replace "(at) with the @ symbol, so not want you to get spammed if that is really one of your adresses

so this is one of your email adresses we setup Thunderbird (TB) for (btw: do you have the latest version 3.x?)

1. you open TB
2. go to "Tools" then "Account Settings"
3. "Account Actions"
4. "Add Mail Account"
5. enter your username from the mail you received
6. enter your email adress (teri@....com)
7. when TB starts to retrieve the account information, press "Manual Setup"
8. go to Server Settings
9. enter servername from mail
10. enter username from mail
11. press ok
12. go to "get mail" and enter the password in the upcoming pop-up

this is pretty complciated, more than in outlook...I am sure I use the most complicated way, but it works for me

SBI does not offer external SMTP access... this is what I am right now asking Support, because I do not get the "use your ISPs SMTP" does not work, I am always rejected as "phishing attempt"

this means that I cannot send mail under mydomain from an external client (outlook, TB)

I am open for other users suggestions, this is not depending on TB ...

Hope this helps


Hope this helps, will be there if you still run in trouble...
#800869 by David from Amyot
Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:39 pm
Hi Daniel,

Did you ever receive an answer to this question regarding the appropriate smtp to use in Thunderbird?

I am having the same issue.

Thank you.


[Domain Private]
#825680 by Daniel from Seibersdorf
Mon May 31, 2010 2:22 pm
sorry for taking soo long...

still fighting with the issue...

it seems gmail is the only way, since my normal mail provider does not support other domains...

SBI webmail odes not support SMTP

so I changed my servers in MXit

followed this
and this http://sbitips.sitesell.com/gmail-domain-name.html
and the help

since it takes afew hours to switch I cannot say if it worked...but thunderbird is not easy on me here, having problems with gmails smtp also...

I keep working on this

#826346 by Daniel from Seibersdorf
Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:59 pm

so, using a gmail apps account as described in TNT did the trick...

my homeofsolarenergy mailbox wil TB is fully functional...

please ask if you have any questions...

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