Affiliate marketing is the other major way to generate "passive income." Integrating affiliate links into your PREselling content - what works? What doesn't? Which programs work best for travel sites? Not getting paid? What is the best way to use your Solo Build It!! site to PREsell SBI! itself? If it's affiliate-related, it's here!
#97174 by Ronald from Sacred Heart
Sun Jan 01, 2006 5:48 am
My origional idea was to build a build a site that would be easy to maintain once it was initially set up and would give me a good income, or at least a very good side income. At first I thought I might be able to do this by using affiliate programs and adsense.
I have since read the posts in the forums and come to the conclusion that most affiliate/adsense sites do not make any money at all and even lose money, after you subtract the costs of the site/advertising. It seems like a few sites make only a small amount of money this way, but too little to mention. When you add up all of the hours of work that was put in to earn it, a minimum-wage job would pay more. An even fewer number of sites, a very small number, make some substantial income.
Given the great amount of time put into brainstorming, writing and building a site, it does not seem worth it to have a site that is monetized solely on affiliate/adsense.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

#97180 by Russell from Wanda
Sun Jan 01, 2006 6:55 am
I think there is potential in it, as there are many successful sites doing it. Of course, it isn't guaranteed but if you put the effort into it you should be able to pull it off. There are many sites that make 500$ a month or more from Adsense alone. It takes lots of time to get the site initially set up though.

And also, if you can monetize in other ways, then go ahead! Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Monetize as many ways as possible...even better :) If Adsense does well, then that just means more money. Nobody can turn that down :)

I think the first year of the website, the site should turn out to pay for itself for renewal. Afterwards, the snowball is already rolling, and you should start making more and more income. It does take time though.

#97301 by Debs from SiteSell
Sun Jan 01, 2006 6:32 pm
I agree with Russell, All my sites more than pay for the annual renewal, expenses, etc. of their own; and I make enough overall to support me; I don't work outside the home anymore.

I think a lot depends on your topic and preselling; converting to get the click and sale ...

However, if you feel being an affiliate doesn't work for you, you could try other monetization options as Russell suggested.

Personally I feel it is more a numbers game; more sites = more money as your focus isn't on one site and what it isn't doing ... you are too busy building another and before you know it, the first one is earning ;)


#97318 by Natasha from Nordegg
Sun Jan 01, 2006 7:22 pm
While I have several sites "in the works" (oh how I long to say "near completion" :lol:), my initial site with only a few dozen content pages runs merrily along using only AdSense and one affiliate program with *one* link.

The scant monetization is doing well enough on it's own that my original business plan - to create an infoproduct about dreadlocks - has been on and off the shelf too many times to count.

I'm looking forward to reaching the near completion stage with my network and putting AdSense on these pages. While I don't think I'll join the FedEx Club (those AdSense folks making $10K USD every month), I'll be quite pleased I'm certain.

#97326 by Ronald from Sacred Heart
Sun Jan 01, 2006 7:43 pm
Thanks for the input. Russell pointed out that it takes over a year for the "snowball to get rolling". That seems like a long time, but worth it if the results are more than scant. Are there any statistics available as to what the AVERAGE income is from affiliate programs or adsense?

#97330 by Russell from Wanda
Sun Jan 01, 2006 8:23 pm
Of course, it might not take that long. But with my own experience, I'd say before it gets rolling how you might wish for it to roll, it might be a year :wink:

I don't know where you will find other statistics, but I can just tell you my own for now. My site has been around for about 7 months I guess.

The visitors have been rising pretty fast (was around 200 unique per day, then dropped for a few days over christmas to 100, now its about 140 or so, still rising.)

Adsense account was cancelled, I appealed it today and will see if anything comes of that. Had made some money before the account got cancelled.

Yahoo Publisher has earned me just under $50 in just under a month. (started on Dec. 6th). I still don't have any targeted ads, possibly one every now and then.

Many affiliate programs haven't earned me anything yet, but recently I made a commission of $30 off one sale, more should follow, and I need to go back and revise some programs, drop amazon, etc.

As you can see, my site still doesn't make lots, but it should pay for itself by the time the renewal comes around. The income is just now starting basically, but it seems to be starting alright. Keep in mind, I haven't used monetize it! yet, which will help out a lot when I get around to it (I have to gather up that 40 or so dollars for Yahoo Advertising...I have the Google data.). I also didn't work on the site for a couple months not too long ago.

Oh, and by the way...I recently added travel pages using the affiliate program TripAdvisor has to offer (click based). It only has data for one day but that was about $2.00 so if that number stayed (hard to tell based on one day only..but still) then that would add another $60 a month. If itll stay at that, be more, less...I do not know yet.
#97377 by Cindy from Onancock
Mon Jan 02, 2006 1:56 am
Hi Ronald,

I normally wouldn't say much about how much I make with my sites but I feel that maybe some people will get a bit of a "boost" if they know this. At times, it seems that there are a lot of discouraged folks here in the forums.

I have two sites, beach-wedding-themes (exactly 1 year ago today I bought SBI 2 for 1) which is 1 year old and all-florida-beach-weddings which is 7 months old. My first site is much more popular and is producing the most income. I make between $500.00 and $800.00 per month from Adsense and usually only $100.00 of that is from my second site. It did not take long to get my first check from Google either and they pay like clockwork. Here is a copy of my can see that I received my first payment in May and have been receiving one monthly every since.

Feb 28, 2005 Earnings... $0.20
Mar 31, 2005 Earnings... $71.14
Apr 30, 2005 Earnings... $134.99
May 24, 2005 Payment... ($206.33)
May 31, 2005 Earnings... $229.47
Jun 23, 2005 Payment... ($229.47)
Jun 30, 2005 Earnings... $311.47
Jul 22, 2005 Payment... ($311.47)
Jul 31, 2005 Earnings... $718.13
Aug 23, 2005 Payment... ($718.13)
Aug 31, 2005 Earnings... $698.15
Sep 23, 2005 Payment... ($698.15)
Sep 30, 2005 Earnings... $824.71
Oct 24, 2005 Payment... ($824.71)
Oct 31, 2005 Earnings... $611.77
Nov 22, 2005 Payment... ($611.77)
Nov 30, 2005 Earnings... $559.02
Dec 23, 2005 Payment... ($559.02)
Dec 31, 2005 Earnings... $594.58

Funny that my first site is better than the are suppose to get better with practice... :roll:

To date, I have made about $170.00 in affiliate sales through programs at Red Galoshes, Commission Junction and Clickbank. I have approximately $48.00 in commissions accumulated again.

Yesterday was super wonderful because I made my very first SBI! sale which is another $75.17. This sale is strictly the result of my page on my site dedicated to my success with SBI! and was a complete surprise!

I realize that none of this adds up to any great fortune but, to me, and extra $500.00 to $800.00 a month is a real kick in the pants!

I am seriously considering catching this 2 for 1 sale before it expires on Jan 3rd as I have a couple more ideas that I would like to try. If I get the same results with my next two sites...I am a happy camper!

NONE of this is intended to "brag", I am quite certain that there are other SBIer's out there doing far better that me...some niches pay better than others.

I just wanted to let you and others know that you are definitely NOT wasting your time with Google or affiliate programs. If you give it time, it really DOES work just like Ken Evoy promises you!

You have just nicely gotten will work for you too!

Happy New Year!
#97383 by ken-admin
Mon Jan 02, 2006 2:24 am
Interesting thread, glad I was looking for something to do. ;-)

Ronald, going back to your original post, I don't let poorly substantiated sentences like this go by without a challenge...

"I have since read the posts in the forums and come to the conclusion that most affiliate/adsense sites do not make any money at all."

Please document, with hard numbers, exact URLs, both numerators and denominators, exactly how you would arrive at such a conclusion, Ronald. How long did they own their sites? What were their other monetization models? Long-term goals?

My gut feeling is that you are talking about your own experience, Ronald, and generalizing a conclusion. So let's start with your situation...

Please remember... it all depends on whether you are thinking like a tortoise (looking at the long run) or like a hare (ex., you have owned SBI! less than 3 months -- if you are calculating $ per hour so soon, you are expecting too much too soon).

So think like a tortoise...

Invest time at less than minimum wage to build a business that ultimately does indeed pay substantial amounts on a per hour basis. For example, my daughter Nori has invested approximately 200 hours in her site, anguilla-beaches. She made next to nothing during the first months, certainly less than minimum wage (of course, she was too young to actually earn minimum wage).

That has steadily gone up to where she now makes US$2,000 per month for an average of 4-5 hours per month as she continues to add a page per week to her site. That's a pretty darn good $/hr, but you have to put in the time to get that snowball rolling.

Like Russell said, of course, "it isn't guaranteed but if you put the effort into it you should be able to pull it off." SBI! does not guarantee that you'll choose the right theme, that you'll read the AG and follow it to the letter, and so forth.

Some SBIers realize they headed down a wrong road. Some learn from it and see the logic and power of SBI! and start again... smarter this time. But then again, as Cindy noted, her first site earns better than her second one. If you hit a topic just right, you'll do that much better.

And again, as Russell said, don't limit yourself to one monetization model. As your PREsold traffic builds, you'll add new ways to monetize it. The bottom line is this...

Understand that you are investing time and energy upfront to build a substantial business that has many strong streams of income. The ultimate example would be some SiteSell affiliates who worked our 5 Pillar Program very hard in the early years and now simply mention SBI! occasionally, spending less than one hour per month on SiteSell, yet earn thousands of dollars per month.

Every serious solopreneurial effort starts that way, SiteSell itself included. If any solopreneur in any business, online or off, measured the dollars per hour she was making in the first year...

Well, the economy would simply ground to a halt. There would be no more solopreneurs.

All the best,

#97411 by Daniel from South Rockwood
Mon Jan 02, 2006 4:06 am
Hi all:

Let me post my testimony. Perhaps it will serve as an inspiration to some.

I am perhaps the slowest tortoise of all. I got started with SBI in Dec 2002. For the next 29 months, I added content whenever I could, sometimes getting sidetracked with other events in life. During this whole time, I never looked at stats. I just plodded away, adding content I thought would be useful to visitors to my site.

Finally, in May of 2005, I was ready to monetize. At about the same time, I took my first good look at stats. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I averaged about 300 visitors a day! (I've since increased it to 500-700 visitors daily).

I inserted Adsense on most of my pages, plus a few links to affiliates. The first month, I made less than $50. In December, I made over $400. Every month has been better than the previous month. I don't know how far I'll eventually get, but I believe I haven't even started to realize the true potential.

SBI has been a great partner on this journey. They worry about all the technical stuff (FTP, Sitemaps, RSS, etc.), provide the advice (C-T-P-M), leaving me the job of adding quality content.

Bottom line: SBI works, but the SBI owner must be dedicated, working long hours at low pay to reap the eventual benefits.
#97425 by Greg from Vancouver
Mon Jan 02, 2006 6:40 am
We started our first site in Sep 2003. It was hard work at first, reading and re-reading the guide, building pages late into the night, making mistakes, redoing things, adding more, and wondering if it would really work.

A little over 2 years later, the site earns anywhere from$2500 to $5000 per month. That revenue is entirely from 2 or 3 affiliate programs, and Adsense. My wife has quit her secular work altogether, and I now work my daytime job less than I ever have!

I say without a second of hesitation that we (my wife Maureen and I) could have never done any of this without SBI. I am very grateful to have found such a terrific system to use, and such a great company to deal with. :wink:

Greg M.
#97427 by Douglas from Lime Springs
Mon Jan 02, 2006 7:09 am
I have just been reading along and am very encouraged by the responses of the experienced SBIers. I am new, but very excited about the long term possibilities...if "my current" site doesn't work, I'll buy two more next year and start again with new, more profitable themes...I'm having that much fun.
Thanks for all you who encourage us new guys via these threads!
D. Channell
#97522 by Chris from Falling Rock
Mon Jan 02, 2006 5:21 pm
I've had my Site since July but have actively been building it since around the first of December 05. (Happy New Year!) :D

I have no doubt I will be successful. I have never seen such a collection of tools and information that SBI offers anywhere, and the forums are a life changing community on their own.

If my first web site only pays for itself than, HooRah!!!! The second will do better.

Previous Online Endeavors $ unknown $

SBI $ 299 $

Everything I’m Learning Through SBI,


Remember, Hare today, gone tomorrow; Tortoise It today, (fill in the blank) tomorrow!

#99850 by James from Tyronza
Tue Jan 10, 2006 10:20 am
There really is plenty of money in affiliate marketing...It's just not easy to get at, and will require a lot of work from your end.

There are other areas you might consider...PPC marketing. For many of the 'super-affiliates' (I hate this word) this is their bread and butter. You'll need cash, and there is a steep learning curve but there is lots of money in this area. You might also consider putting together things like coupon sites for example. Again, the guys that have done this well make a ton of cash. Also the one page sales copy site for a particular product also works very well...It's much maligned in certain circles but this concept works well for many products out there...

#101703 by Rose from Burket
Mon Jan 16, 2006 6:53 pm
I bought my SBI site in Jan 2005. I didn't do anything with it for 4 months. Then came summer time and since i'm a full time student, i forgo summer school so i could built the site. I worked like crazy for three months, building content and since i had read the SBI bible, i know what i needed to do at every stage. I'm lucky to have a supportive husband who loaned me some little cash to pay for directory listings.
And when google dance came along, my site moved from a PR0 to PR3. And then i added google adsense and affiliate links.

For those who are feeling abit discouraged, i want you to let you know that this system works. Since sept 2005 when i put my first google adsense, i've made over $250 every month. The affiliates too have been a blessing as i average btwn $250-$300/month.

Been a full time senior college student, i've not been doing much on regular basis to develop my site. I've written articles only once, i write a page once a month and barely do link work. My traffic isn't all that great as i'm still averaging less than 100 visitors/day. But i know it's all my fault since i know what i need to do to grow it to over 500/day.

I'm deeply sold into this system because it works. I've lost money on other online businesses that i still pay for today but SBI is the only system that has ever given me a dime back!

For less than a year's work, i'm making over $500/month. As i sit here today, i'm waiting for a check in the mail so i can pay Ken my $299 which is due in 10 days, and i'll still have a balance in the bank. Surely what more can i ask for?

#101766 by Frank from Fort Smith
Mon Jan 16, 2006 9:07 pm
Hi Ronald,

With all persistent hard work comes a payoff. This is what I have found to be true with just about everything in life.

When I go to the gym, I don't look any better unless I work at it. The same applies with my site. If I work at it bit by bit, persistently plugging away, it will pay off. In fact it is paying off.

My Adsense figures were pretty dismal in the beginning, but after a year or so the income grew. And now, when I'm not working on my site, it is still earning me money. It will continue to earn more money when I put more passion into it and add more pages.

I too work from home full-time, doing what I love to do. It CAN be done, but only with a lot of hard work and persistence. I think persistence is probably the most important aspect of building any business; online or offline.

But you are right; you will make less than minimum wage in the beginning. In the beginning it’s a lot of work, like any new business.

I just found it easier to not expect any real return for the first year and to keep the long range goal in mind: My site will eventually return gains to me; even when I'm not working on it :)

My advice is to follow the Action Guide and give it all you've got for the first year. I'm glad I did.

Good luck with your site!

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