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#278002 by Wendy from Toronto
Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:35 am
Welcome to the Value Exchange HQ forum. My name is Wendy and I absolutely love the link building aspect of site building. Value Exchange is one of the great tools SBI offers us. It is meant to help us find valuable link exchange partners. We can learn alot about link building in general by mastering the VE tool.

Please note that Value Exchange is just a tool. How we (and others) use it affects its performance. Reading the instructions is essential to understanding how to get it right.

Value Exchange is only one part of building a strong portfolio of inbound links. Your link building efforts are not over once you submit your site to Value Exchange. You will more than likely have to tweak your data in VE from time to time. You will definitely need to seek other sources of inbound links besides the ones you'll find through VE.

Value Exchange will not only help you find link exchange partners, but it will also track inbound links from sites where your link appears on pages up to one click away from the home page. When tracking these numbers, VE provides your site with a Link Popularity Index number. This number helps measure how your link building campaign is progressing. When your Link Popularity reaches about 50 you can slow down your link building efforts. You'll more than likely see a snowball effect by then. Other sites will be linking to your site naturally without any effort on your part. By that time your site should be an authority in your niche and be an attractive source to link to.

Have fun exchanging links!
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